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Do not use this company, they lied to us and are now refusing to back their product they are telling us it's our fault that their product is faulty because we use propane to heat our house. The windows sweat and have since they were first installed.

They offered to refund the money & then in the next sentence turned around and said they would simply send us a dehumidifer.

They are rude to your face while they are sitting in Your home. I would definatly not recommend this company ever again we trusted them because they were a local company who had been in business for over 30 years, but the mistake was apparently ours in not doing our research.

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The thermal windows that we purchased are fantastic and in saying that the installers were horrible. They caused us to have to hire someone to fix all the calking around every window and I did receive a small check for repairs from the company.

They had no choice after seeing the horrible pics we sent in. Some employees are beyond rude.

They threatened me to take away our lifetime warranty if they sent us more money for repairs. They need to improve.

to Anonymous Elk City, Oklahoma, United States #1103072

That can't possibly Thermal Windows, Inc. in Oklahoma.

Their service reputation is excellent and has been for many years.

If you're going to post such wild claims, maybe you should not post anonymously. Otherwise, it just looks like you might be a competitor throwing dirt.

to Boot stomper #1313156

you did not see the job they did so I suggest you keep your opinion to yourself...

Window Man

In the case of replacement windows with double-paned glass and thermally improved frames, extreme window condensation is nearly always a case of excess humidity in the home. Run a simple Google search on "window condensation," and you'll find plenty of expert input saying as much.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners assume that new windows will take care of existing condensation problems. Condensation will occur on any window when exposed to the right environmental circumstances. In some cases, more condensation may occur on new, higher quality windows because they are much more air-tight than the windows they replaced, so more of the humid air is trapped in the house. This is almost certainly a problem with the environment, not with the product.

If the company offered to purchase a dehumidifier to fix your non-window related problem, I would say they went over and above the call of duty.

If window condensation is extreme, you'll want to locate and fix the source of the excess humidity, as this is only sign of much worse problems that are likely to develop in the home. Excess moisture in homes causes rotting and structural problems, and mold may develop which is the cause of many serious health issues.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #104644

If the windows are sweating it is likley a problem with excessive moisture in your home. The furnace exhaust vent could be clogged or another problem.

I suggest you promtly contact a qualified home inspector for review.

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